January – Forces of Change

This year I will be blogging once a month areas of focus and how to use meditations to work with the topic of the month to obtain clarity and deeper compassion in your life.

In understanding patterns, I have worked with collective dynamics over the years. These are forces or patterns that we as individuals are relating to and which can cause difficult challenges in our life depending on how much inner clarity we have with the pattern as it manifests on a collective level. A strong collective pattern has arisen this week and there are astrological forces that represent this pattern. I am not referring to horoscopes, but this can best be explained with the example of the moons cycle. If you recognize that the force of the moon (it’s effect on the gravitational pull) that can raise the oceans and create tides, you can also see that it would have an affect on us humans as we are 80% water. The moon’s effect is commonly known in emergency room and psych hospitals as those places of crisis have an increase of admissions during a full moon.

The only way we can influence these forces is by using our conscious awareness. It is only with conscious awareness and our understanding what these forces are creating within us that we can have impact or engage this force or pattern with ease. We can obtain a greater sense of inner quiet and calmness with these force versus the force running ramshod over us. For the astrology experts, the patterns I am referring to this week are the Sun conjunct Pluto, Mars in Aquarius opposing Jupiter and Uranus squaring Pluto.

The interpretation of these collective patterns is that we as individuals are in a process of letting go of something that is not working in our life, a relationship, job, house, belief system and then we will go through an opening up or a rebirth to a much larger aspect of ourselves. This letting go process is only available to us for the next few weeks. The thing that is giving us strife but yet we are unable to let go of will remain with us as a major contributor to future suffering for the next several years.

The key to taking advantage of this process is to attend to what in our life is challenging us, and then take that challenge into an acceptance state of mind, which completes our letting go of the difficult aspect. As you come into an understanding of what is not working in your life., learn from that difficult relationship and find a clarity and peace, then you will be rewarded with abundance. It is with the clarity and serenity you discover with this relationship that you have truly released the difficult situation and can discover the gift of the more empowered you. Use the meditation below to help you find love and acceptance for the very thing in your life which is difficult.

From Tom Lecher, here is his mantra that so represents this time period.

As I design my new future,

I let go of parts of my past,

The closer I pay attention

The more I will take what will last.

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