What Happens When You Use Heart Centering Meditation

Some people confuse heart centered attention to law of attraction principles and that is an incorrect premise to approach this process. When we “sit” with an image of our wounded self, we are not creating a path of manifestation of that image to keep recurring.

This process of sitting with acceptance to our fear (our wounded aspect) or to the desired image (the aspect that holds power) is the same. Don’t confuse this process to how some use meditation for attracting what they want in life (because this typically doesn’t work either and I can explain that another post if interested). Here is a list of a few principles behind the heart-center meditation technique that is on this web site under the meditation tab. This may help clarify what I believe is occurring with the psyche.

1.What occurs when you drop into the heart center is a linking of your heart to the brain. This allows the brain to match it’s brain waves with the heart and places the mind in an observer or witnessing state. There are scientific studies that are available proving this synchronization of heart to brain activity at

2. Now while in the observer state (the focus is in the heart center, you never want to do this in your ordinary state of mind because you will re-victimize yourself to the fear) you align your energy vibration to the attributes of this consciousness state which are compassion and unconditional love. This occurs automatically by just focusing at the heart center. The energy vibration of compassion and unconditional love does a couple of things: a. it is a higher frequency than fear and b. it activates specific areas of the brain than fear (which is more of a midbrain process). Compassion is the complete antithesis of the vibrational quality within fear.

3. While in this state with compassion you bring in the image or feeling that has you victimized, say for example a fear of not having the approval from your boss.  The ego, in your ordinary state of mind defends against this image. You may say that you don’t need to have his approval or he is just a jerk anyway, so why would you care. These are defensive structures that actually keep you from engaging work situations creatively. What really occurs is when you face criticism from your boss, this activates the brain to either a fight or flight defense and you react in that manner.

But, in the observer state of mind with a deep sense of compassion, you are giving the ego an opportunity to not go into defense of fight or flight. It strengthens the ego capacity to not activate the brain in fight or flight responses and the brain develops new neuron pathways so that you can access the frontal lobes of your brain where reasoning and logic are accessed and new behaviors result (no panic, no anxiety and different intentions behind our choices).

4. The reason why we work with both fears and desires is that because desires sometimes have fears associated. For example, your image of yourself being an empowered business person may have the fear that if I am so empowered, then what does that mean in the choices I make from that perspective? Would I not be satisfied with my current status quo and I start changing my existence? Would I take on more responsibility as a empowered business person. (I actually have this one that if I became my powerful future image then I take more risks and my current image of myself is afraid of the risks I would take if I became my future self). The ego has to be strengthen to encapsulate the power of the future self, as well as the wounded self. If we were not afraid of our power then why are we not living fully in our power?

5. Understand this is not about law of attraction excercise. This is about changing how our egos and subsequently our brains interpret our experiences.

Remember, when you are doing the meditations to ask for the compassion and unconditional love to be greater than your wounding or your future/empowered image. This just furthers the healing process. Also, watch the video on my home page of Dr. Brugh Joy, my teacher as he explains the different aspects of self.

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