Projection to Awareness

I have been asked what is the most important tool to use in the awareness stage of my theory of Integrative Consciousness. I would have to say the use of projection. The psychoanalyst see projection as an ego defense mechanism and projection is used by an individual to defend coming into realization of something that could be disempowering to the ego. I also view projection as the separating principle for an individual to learn who they are at all levels. Everything in a person’s reality is a projection. 

The key is seeing those projections as a pathway into understanding who we are as unique individuals expressing ourselves in our daily co-creating our reality. The most important key though, is the quality of relationship we have with that projection. When we work with transforming the quality of that relationship then we work on transforming our ego states into more compassionate states instead of reactivity states. The quality of all our experiences increases through compassion to include more depth and intimacy with all our relationships.

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