Violence and Transcendence

The sun lowered itself below the horizon, bringing an end to another relaxing weekend at a lake resort. I left the convenience store and walked to my car, and within an instant a man with a rifle shoved an older woman and me into a boathouse. Looking into the man’s crazed and maniacal eyes, I...
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Men Apologizing to Women

On the eve of Mother’s Day, I came across a video, “Dear Woman, An Apology of Conscious Men to Women.” This video, based on a manifesto written by Gay Hendricks, PhD, and Arjuna Ardagh, was produced by I was astonished at the angry comments made by men from around the world in...
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Cultivating a Spiritual Practice

The purpose of cultivating a spiritual practice is to enhance God-like qualities within oneself. This blog discusses some of these qualities, such as desire (for the truth), commitment, and compassion. To cultivate a spiritual practice is to understand the result of such a practice. As our inner self develops, it then begins to resonate on...
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