March Blog – Dr. Brugh Joy Part II

See February Blog for Part I and video of Dr. Brugh Joy's interview on healing. The key point that I want to emphasize with Dr. Brugh Joy’s work in this ten-minute video has to do with having the state of mind a person needs to engage their current situation that is challenging. Typically, challenges in our life...
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February Blog- The Multiple Aspects of Self: Dr. Brugh Joy Part I

The Multiple Aspects of Self This month’s blog is a companion to the January Monthly Video located below. The video is a 7-minute interview with my late teacher, Dr. Brugh Joy, who in my opinion was a brilliant teacher of consciousness. The human mind has multiple aspects of self and these aspects are not integrated into a...
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January – Forces of Change

This year I will be blogging once a month areas of focus and how to use meditations to work with the topic of the month to obtain clarity and deeper compassion in your life. In understanding patterns, I have worked with collective dynamics over the years. These are forces or patterns that we as individuals are...
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