Changing Energetic Forces

The forces operating in 2010, which were apparent from an astrological point of view, were intense. 2010 was a tempestuous year of passage for many of us. 2010 was an opportunity to break open patterns and blast through belief systems as these archetypal forces propelled us into new territories. Many individuals had breakthroughs, while others...
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Applying Consciousness to World Crisis

A World in Crisis The world once again watched in horror as a catastrophic event threatened the existence of many life forms. The BP oil spill, the worst environmental disaster ever to occur in the United States, is spewing an estimated 1.5 million gallons of oil daily into the Gulf of Mexico. Americans watch the signs...
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Working with Changing Forces Part II

As I discussed in previous posts, there is an influx of energy that is requesting global change. In the year 2010, as part of the preparation for this energy, sacrifices were asked of us in order to prepare us on a consciousness level for these new forces. I believe this change was the insight I...
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