What are Projections?

Projections are a defense mechanism the ego uses to stay in an illusion of power. The ego has an important role in keeping us from feeling our vulnerabilities and our wounded states of mind. We project onto our reality all the time. The key to understanding projections is to discern the quality of our relationship...
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Questions to the Author

These were questions posed to me from students, clients and friends regarding the book, “Apocalypse of the Mind: Transforming Ego into the Stillness of Consciousness.” Q: What was the inspiration behind The Apocalypse of the Mind? A: There were several reasons I felt inspired to write such a book. The first reason I noticed in my private...
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World Series- Crisis in Japan

Japan Hit By Earthquake World disasters continue to occur, whether they stem from human actions or are the result of natural phenomena. It has been no more than nine months since the BP oil spill, and now another disaster has wreaked havoc. The world watched as Japan was hit with an earthquake that brought about destruction...
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