Rage as Portal to the Silent Mind

Rage, Vengeance and Divine Love of Heart-Centering A question that I am asked often is that once a person achieves insight into a pattern that plays out in their life, such as betrayal or abandonment, how does one get past the rage to access heart-centering and the transcendent aspect of transformation? The first understanding of rage is...
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Schizophrenic or Shaman?

Red Ice Radio interviewed Paul Levy and Seth Farber regarding the dark side of psychiatry and the mis-interpretation of schizophrenia and an individual having a spiritual awakening.  Here is my response to that program.  An interesting program again on Red Ice Radio. I agree with Grend4l. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.  I...
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The Collapse of Our World as We Know It

There is a collective change occurring and it is happening to or within our masculine structures. Most of the masculine institutions are going through corruption. In other words, their underbellies are showing. We are seeing corruption in our politics, government, military, law, science, corporate businesses and our religious institutions. During times of change, corruption becomes...
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