About Melissa Lowe, Ph.D.

Melissa Lowe, Ph.D., is a counselor in private practice since 1992. Her unique approach of changing states of mind to incorporate a present awareness during increasingly challenging times has been Dr. Lowe’s area of expertise, focus and personal practice.

Her modality integrates Jungian and Object Relational psychologies with Heart Centered energy therapies.

Dr. Lowe is the author of Apocalypse of the Mind: Integrating Ego into Stillness of Consciousness, published by O-Books.

It is my intention to facilitate individual and an interactive community in understanding the unconscious nature, develop tools and resources that assist in the integration of Spirit, Soul and Ego. From this place of inner excellence, one lives their truth, with power, out of a place of serenity.

My Philosophy



AWARENESS, which includes self disclosure and insight into your unconscious. You will learn the techniques and skills and apply these daily to discover what is operating at the unconscious levels.



ACCEPTANCE, through learning how to shift your mind into the observer or witnessing state. You will have a more focused awareness as you go through your day. A more quiet mind will occur in your meditative practice. This process begins and supports the next step of integration.



INTEGRATION occurs as your unconscious fears, which prevent creative insight, passion and a quiet mind, no longer influence your thoughts, actions or emotions. You achieve a stillness of mind. Life becomes easier.

Employing these steps will make your life simpler and happier!

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