Dark Brother and Dark Sister

Much of the new thinking today is about being positive, think positive and your life will be as you desire. In a practice of understanding wholeness of consciousness this occurs at deep levels when we recognize all aspects of our life. The challenge is to find acceptance for what is. That does not mean we do not desire for experiences in our life, but it helps to understand what is behind our desires. If we push toward positive thinking against the negative thoughts then we are creating an intensity of energy within the subconscious of that negativity or darkness and it will manifest in some form.

Look toward your suffering for there lies the seeds of transformation and inner peace and true happiness. This is not a belief in our society. The truth is that happiness does not rise out of denial of darkness but can only be sustained by being responsible for our own suffering and discovering love and acceptance for it.

A quote from Dr. Brugh Joy again summarizes this…

Every act of positive thinking generates its dark brother and sister at the unconscious level. If one is unconscious of “the dark brother and sister” (within oneself) positive thinking then is reactive, in other words a DEFENSE against the “dark brother and sister”.

Heart Centering Meditation can assist you in integrating the dark brother or dark sister and through that integration you can find true serenity. Use my recorded meditations on the meditation tab to begin your journey of wholeness.

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