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What Happens When You Use Heart Centering Meditation

Some people confuse heart centered attention to law of attraction principles and that is an incorrect premise to approach this process. When we "sit" with an image of our wounded self, we are not creating a path of manifestation of that image to keep recurring. This process of sitting with acceptance to our fear (our wounded...
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Dark Brother and Dark Sister

Much of the new thinking today is about being positive, think positive and your life will be as you desire. In a practice of understanding wholeness of consciousness this occurs at deep levels when we recognize all aspects of our life. The challenge is to find acceptance for what is. That does not mean we...
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Sitting with Fear and Vulnerability: An Act Towards Change

Many of my clients and students have asked, “Why do I have to be present in meditation with my fear? Doesn’t sitting with that fear manifest the very thing I am not wanting in my life? Such as more fear."   It can be confusing with the popular sentiment of positive thinking and manifesting what our ego...
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