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Pause, Center, Shift and Engage: A Process to Transform Your Life

The art of consciousness transformation is a difficult process. In fact, most people do not make changes at the deeper levels, but doing so really brings about a quiet mind and calm emotions. In my book, “Apocalypse of the Mind”, I describe a process I developed as Integrative Consciousness. Integrative Consciousness includes the stages of...
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Response to the Riddle of Violence – Red Ice Radio

Violence, as is everything manifested, is an aspect of the Divine Sacred. I see violence serving as part of the separating principle. Just as the ego serves to separate, to gather knowledge and then to allow a process beyond ego that integrates into oneness with compassion and unconditional love, violence is a doorway to transcend...
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The Collapse of Our World as We Know It

There is a collective change occurring and it is happening to or within our masculine structures. Most of the masculine institutions are going through corruption. In other words, their underbellies are showing. We are seeing corruption in our politics, government, military, law, science, corporate businesses and our religious institutions. During times of change, corruption becomes...
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