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Our Role in Connecticut Massacre

Once again humanity is faced with a heinous act of violence acted upon innocent victims, as in the case of the school mass shootings of children in Connecticut. Many are trying to understand and are grappling with how anyone could commit such a murderous crime and on innocent children. It is as if in some...
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Schizophrenic or Shaman?

Red Ice Radio interviewed Paul Levy and Seth Farber regarding the dark side of psychiatry and the mis-interpretation of schizophrenia and an individual having a spiritual awakening.  Here is my response to that program.  An interesting program again on Red Ice Radio. I agree with Grend4l. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.  I...
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Is It a Fairy Tale?

The programs on Red Ice are always thought provoking. I have to say the program on Hollywood Mind Control, August 30, 2012, took on a dark aspect of Hollywood trying to control or affect a girl’s growth into becoming a powerful woman. I disagree with Jamie’s analysis of conspiracy behind some of the Disney movies...
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