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Stillness of Consciousness

What is stillness of mind? In working with the practice of Integrative Consciousness, which includes the steps of awareness, acceptance and integration, the important aspect of the practice is to listen to your reactivity to people and situations.  When you feel a strong emotion such as anger, frustration, hurt, or fear, then you are reacting to...
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Traps of Heart Centered Meditation

As with anything that involves the ego, there is always a duality that exists and there are traps that one wants to avoid in using heart-centered awareness. The first is using the technique to avoid an experience and the pain and suffering from an experience. When you develop heart-centered awareness, moving into the observer state...
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Heart Centered Awareness and Meditation

Heart-centered awareness is the first step in shifting our state of consciousness into the openness of experience and finding acceptance for what is. As discussed in previous posts, when the ego defends, we are still in a fight-or-flight response mode and have locked ourselves into old patterns of thinking and behaving. There are two ways...
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