Rage as Portal to the Silent Mind

Rage, Vengeance and Divine Love of Heart-Centering

A question that I am asked often is that once a person achieves insight into a pattern that plays out in their life, such as betrayal or abandonment, how does one get past the rage to access heart-centering and the transcendent aspect of transformation?

The first understanding of rage is to see that it is in defense to powerlessness. When the ego gets close to the vulnerability of it’s own powerlessness, it’s own temporal existence then, the ego reaches for power in the form of anger and rage. Anger is an illusion of power. When we are angry about something, then we feel in control; and we feel powerful. But, we are not at the state of consciousness that is ready to redeem the situation or is able to bring the underlying pattern into a state of integration. For example, a man and his wife have dinner with business friends when she decides to converse with one of the men, laughing at one of his jokes. She is having fun and the interaction is of an innocent nature. Yet, her husband reacts with jealousy and excuses the couple, ending their dinner early. He is in a rage. He feels threatened by her behavior with the other man. She has triggered his pattern of abandonment by a woman (most likely, mother) and he perceives the situation from the eyes of his wounded boy past. He has limited his resources to deal with any problem or to perceive the situation from what it is, one of innocent fun.

In order for him to transform this dynamic, he must first see the pattern of his abandonment as it is projected into areas of his life. He can do this by being aware of when he reacts with anger to situations involving a woman he places in the power position, such as his wife.
Expressing the rage through working out the body in a repetitive action at the gym or running, is an excellent way to cut through the emotion. Once exhaustion sets in, he can begin to use his meditative practice of dropping the awareness into the heart and bringing in the heart-center’s attributes of compassion and unconditional love of a Divine nature. With his consciousness locked into the state of a consciousness where greater resource resides, he can bring into his mind the situation that evoked the abandonment reaction. Staying present with the abandonment from the heart-center state of consciousness will allow the transformation to occur. The ego begins to understand that it doesn’t need to defend with an onslaught of rage against this illusion of vulnerability of abandonment. In fact after invoking this practice several times, situations that once before triggered the abandonment reaction will not be perceived as abandonment. The husband has liberated his mind from this deep-seated fear.

It is only when we are willing to sacrifice the illusion of power that rage offers up; and our willingness to be present with that vulnerability; that True Power enters. True Power is the quiet and strong mind.

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