Pause, Center, Shift and Engage: A Process to Transform Your Life

The art of consciousness transformation is a difficult process. In fact, most people do not make changes at the deeper levels, but doing so really brings about a quiet mind and calm emotions. In my book, “Apocalypse of the Mind”, I describe a process I developed as Integrative Consciousness. Integrative Consciousness includes the stages of awareness (pause), acceptance (center), Integration (shift) and Resonance or Manifestation (engage). So, let’s examine these steps, so when you incorporate them into your daily experience, they can transform patterns that are no longer serving you.


The first step in transformation is the ability to pause your thought process during a time when you are reacting to a person or situation. This takes a level of self awareness that allows you to observe yourself reacting from fear, anger,, or disassociation.  For example, if you are aware that when your partner expresses anger toward you, and you become uncomfortable, then you are in a state of reactivity. When you are reactive, your brain is in fight or flight mode, an automatic response designed to prevent you from a possible death situation. The case of your partner expressing anger is not a survival circumstance.  Your perception is distorted. You are caught in an illusion of needing the approval of your partner in order to survive. Becoming aware of your reaction to the pattern, while it is occurring, is the first step in transforming out of your suffering. Pausing takes you out of the fight or flight response and allows you time to self-reflect. Pause and turn your awareness within.


The second step, and one I consider most important, is centering. The centering process I use is to drop the mind’s eye into the heart center (heart chakra). By centering you are putting into motion certain forces that are attributes of the heart, two of which are compassion and unconditional love. This opens you to the process of acceptance, which allows the ego to sacrifice its drive to an illusion of power and to begin the process toward True Power. Using our example, dropping to the heart center, you take the step to set aside the ego’s wanting to protect the feelings of vulnerability of needing your partner’s love and approval in order to be okay within the world. This sacrifice to an illusion of power, which could take the form of your choosing not to manipulate your partner in order to get them to stop being angry, will give you an opportunity to have another option of interaction.


Shift happens when we are centered and aware of our vulnerability. Patience is important in this stage. In our example, the ability to stay centered in your uncomfortable feeling of not being safe with partner’s anger will allow another option to present itself. Staying centered in vulnerability is the challenge. This takes courage to be present in your vulnerability when it appears that nothing will change.


Engagement requires the strength and courage to step forward and manifest with your partner from the place of vulnerability, while in a state of awareness and centeredness. It means venturing out into new territory. In our example, that new territory may include dealing with your partner’s anger and disapproval. But, you are manifesting change from a place of integrity and strength and that is a great thing.

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