Understanding Projections

I have found that, in awareness and consciousness practices, once you recognize your projections and how many times you project, several things come into play. First, you begin to judge yourself for being so “messed-up,” so manipulative and deceitful. You don’t want to fall into the rut of thinking, “Okay, I will not allow myself...
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Free Will

Do we have free will?  This question has stimulated the thoughts and writings of philosophers across time.  What if most people do not have free will?  If we look at free will as the ability to make a decision during a point in time that is free of the outside influence of people, events, situations,...
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Integration of Consciousness

People who find out that I have written a book want to know about the book. The most important message I try to get across is my theory on how to expand consciousness through our daily experiences. My theory, Integrative Consciousness has three processes: Awareness, Acceptance and Integration.  Awareness is learning how to look at the...
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