The Alchemy of Compassion and the Power of the Heart Center

A student gave me permission to share a recent experience she had with a new relationship. I will call her Laura. Laura has been using the heart centered focus for the last 6 months. She identified a fear she has of experiencing rejection from her father. This fear would take the form of avoiding displeasing...
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Our Role in Connecticut Massacre

Once again humanity is faced with a heinous act of violence acted upon innocent victims, as in the case of the school mass shootings of children in Connecticut. Many are trying to understand and are grappling with how anyone could commit such a murderous crime and on innocent children. It is as if in some...
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Response to the Riddle of Violence – Red Ice Radio

Violence, as is everything manifested, is an aspect of the Divine Sacred. I see violence serving as part of the separating principle. Just as the ego serves to separate, to gather knowledge and then to allow a process beyond ego that integrates into oneness with compassion and unconditional love, violence is a doorway to transcend...
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