A Spiritual Life Versus An Easy One

One of the questions I am frequently asked concerns having a spiritual practice, and whether such a practice can help a person live a good life versus operating mostly from an unconscious state and living what appears to be a good life.  Diane Sawyer brought this subject up recently in an interview, on the Oprah...
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The Success of Working With Heart-Centered Awareness

A successful and creative woman who designed and patented many products for manufacturing companies faced a series of challenges such as losing her job, her best friend, her home, and becoming homeless. She moved in with friends and undertook the task of rebuilding her career and her life. In combating her struggles, she began using...
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Creativity and Synchronistic Events

Co-creating with life comes in its purest form when the mind is focused in the present moment. There are two times when we are not in the present moment—one is from living our karma, which is being caught with our past mistakes and misdeeds, and the other is when we are attached to future outcomes.    When...
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